• Cookie Management Software
  • Firewalls
  • Sniffer Detection
  • Port Listeners
  • Process Monitors
  • Registry Monitors
  • Telephone Ecryption Software

    Cookie Management Software

    Cookie managment software will allow cookies to be deleted routinely.

  • Cookie Cutter: Mac

  • Cookie Jar: Unix

  • Cookie Crusher: Windows

  • Firewalls

    Firewalls will allow you to control which ports and services are allowed to make a connection to the internet. Closing ports will allow you to deny remote administration clients from connecting to a local server.

  • Black Ice: (Windows 9X/NT)

  • Zone Alarm: (Windows 9X/NT)Zone Alarm is an excellent, free firewall for Windows. Zone Alarm allows users to determine which applications can access the internet, and which applications can be accessed from the internet.

  • NetBarrier: MacOS 7.5.5+

  • Doorstop: MacOS 8.1+

  • Packet Sniff Detectors

  • AntiSniff: Promiscuous mode detection software. (Windows 9X/NT)

  • Port Listeners

  • Connection Detection: A pretty good port listener. Monitors all TCP ports, allowing you to monitor abnormal traffic. (Windows 9X)

  • TCPview: TCP view will monitor all TCP connections. Slicker interface than Connection Detection.

  • TCP Watcher: A Macintosh TCP port monitor.

  • Process Monitors

  • Kernel Toys: The process monitor in the kernel toy kit will display all processes running on a Windows 9X system.

  • Tasks Manager: Tasks Manager monitors all processes and applications on a Windows 9X system with an option to kill.

  • PSList: PSList is a process monitor for Windows NT.

  • AutoRuns: AutoRuns isn't precisely a process listing application, but does automatically list all processes that run at boot-time on a Windows 2000 system.

  • PeekaBoo: PeekaBoo offers process monitoring on Macintosh platforms with an option to kill.

  • Registry Monitors

    The Windows Registry is a file that maintains information on every program on the machine. Watching the Registry can be a good way to determine what processes are running.

  • RegMon: RegMon is free, works well, and filters output pretty well.

  • Telephone encryption software

    These programs allow you to use your PC for secure telephone communications, using a standard crypto algorithm.

  • Nautilus: Nautilus can be best described as user hateful. Nautilus is DOS based, a pain to use, and generally losing.

  • PGP Phone: The most intuitive and versatile phone encryption software available. Offers a selection of encryption algorithms, key strengths and voice compression (to allow secure conversations over slow connections).

  • Speak Freely: *NOTE* there are several versions of Speak Freely available, one of which is NOT encrypted. Speak Freely offers more features than PGP Phone (like conferencing).