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  • Training for a job in TSCM is reputed to be only slightly more difficult than finding an honest lawer. James Atkinson of Granite Island Group has a suggested program of study for any aspiring TSCM techs.

    TSCM Training Programs

    Granite Island Group: Supposedly excellent, but enrollment is closed until 2002
    Jarvis International: Well regarded and not too expensive.
    ESI Security: Expensive, but modelled after college. Offers study at home modules.
    Ross Engineering: Hope you've got $$$ to burn.
    Beware! Many of the same companies that will try and sell you a 'bug detector' will also try and convince you that a few hours of training is all thats required for a TSCM technician. Avoid the scams like the one advertised at left. At best its a waste of time and money, at worst it trades a large sum of money for a false sense of security.

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